VP, Digital Marketing at Universal Studios Home Entertainment.

Mike&acute;s experience spans two decades of working with brands such as Nestle, Warner Bros, ABC, Disney, Fox, Nautilus, The Buckle and Shimano among others. <br><br>Client side initiatives have included brand strategy, new product development and trade marketing as well as global interactive media, marketing and ecommerce. <br><br><BR>Consulting and agency work runs the gamut of strategic interactive roadmaps and edge 2.0 work for media brands to portal and ecommerce implementations that enabled brands to increase revenues 10 fold in less than a year.<br><br>Most recently, he has helped publishers maximize their online content and partnerships through an extensive interactive revenue optimization exercise.

As a student of the internet, Mike passionately researches and authors articles to continue the ongoing educational process that is interactive.<br><br><BR>He is keenly interested in the challenges and opportunities of integrated marketing and the evolving consumer appetite for digital entertainment across all channels.

My Articles

Fulfill Television's Destiny Online

| Mike Wokosin

The Cannery's VP of interactive explains the tenets of TV's new content economy and takes a look at what's shaping the big TV opportunities that will lie in the year ahead.