Hooman is an investor and entrepreneur with demonstrated experience in product development, strategy, operations, financing, and mergers & acquisitions.

He is co-founder & chairman of AddThis, the world's largest social infrastructure and data platform reaching 1.3 billion unique users monthly. AddThis social plugins and analytics are used by over 14 million web sites to increase traffic and engagement. AddThis' social targeting platform enables over 500 brands to reach connected audiences around the world in real-time via ad exchanges.

He is a frequently requested speaker at conferences like AdTech, OMMA, Digiday, SXSW, Digital Hollywood, Web 2.0, and CES.  Named one of Tech's Best Entrepreneurs in BusinessWeek, a two-time Washington Tech Titan, and one of iMedia's 25 most influential online marketing professionals he has been featured in print, radio and television outlets like NBC, ABC, Wall Street Journal, NPR, Fast Company and more.

Radfar serves on the board of Always Prepped and serves as an advisor for Alpha Labs.

My Articles

11 Ad Predictions for 2011

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1. Data is the New Black 2010 was the year of real-time bidding.  As spend shifted from networks to real-time bidding platforms, agencies and advertisers explored the use of data to...

Radfar, Hooman

| Hooman Radfar

As chief executive officer and co-founder, Hooman Radfar drives all product, marketing, and strategy initiatives for Clearspring, a widget and content-sharing network he co-founded...