Phil Meier began his career in an editorial capacity at The Onion in 1994. He quickly realized the potential of the blossoming brand and took on a business role that included the launch of the now storied website, Phil's 5-word acceptance speech for the 2001 Webby Award was simply:


"To advertise, call Phil Meier"


These days, Phil is the VP of the Central Region for Magnetic, the leader in Search Retargeting. Magnetic specializes in reaching consumers with relevant display, video and mobile ads based upon their search history. As the partner of choice for Fortune 500 brands, Magnetic powers both brand awareness and direct response campaigns through its core capabilities which include search retargeting, advanced media optimization, programmatic buying, site retargeting and extensive creative opportunities. 

Summits Attended

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The Future of Data-Driven Creativity

iMedia Other Summit

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iMedia Brand Summit

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