Abraham Snyder, media director, is creating a cutting-edge media practice at Traction (www.tractionco.com), an award-winning creative agency. By focusing on technology and psychology, he is building a modern media practice that gives – and takes –inspiration and insight to creative and to content. He uses technology as the backbone for intelligent media strategy, and for streamlined execution and operations. And his approach focuses greatly on understanding the psychology behind audience behavior to inform innovative communications decisions.


Snyder has worked in media since 2006 creating dynamic, inventive media strategies for a wide range of clients. His experience spans B2B and B2C market segments in technology, CPG, commerce, and gaming industries, and across branding, direct response, demand generation, promotional, and social media initiatives. Through these efforts, Snyder has developed specialties in research, strategy, planning, and execution of digital, mobile, social, emerging technology, and traditional media campaigns.


With an educational background in mathematics and music, and media experience loaded in analytics, he brings a unique understanding to the field and to the data fueling it. As if he were an analyst by trade, Snyder extracts pertinent data points that uniquely inform media and business decisions.


Snyder's past client work includes Clorox, HP, Microsoft, Citrix Online, Alibaba.com, Sega, TrendMicro, and more. He is a graduate of the University of Vermont and enjoys skiing, golf, and has a keen interest in technology. He loves playing music in his spare time.


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