Recognized as a leader in the mobile space, Jake is a passionate mobile advertising expert, on top of global trends.

Accomplished digital executive, experienced in managing digital teams, developing new revenue streams, user acquisition strategy, programmatic advertising platforms, Internet of Things (IoT), last mile attribution strategy, video advertising and leading mobile advertising and mobile marketing strategy.

Jake joined the digital world as the music industry was undergoing significant change. In addition to overseeing marketing efforts across digital for Capitol and Virgin Records, Jake worked closely with Apple on launching the iTunes Store, global carriers and device manufacturers (OEMs) to distribute and monetize content across the web and mobile. Long before the App era we enjoy today.

Jake has helped companies like The Mobile Majority, Tapjoy, Big Mobile, nineMSN (Microsoft) and 5th Finger deliver award winning mobile campaigns, and developed mobile strategies for some of the biggest brands in the world.

Summits Attended

iMedia Agency Summit

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