Wayne, a distinguished search expert, is also the senior director leading iQuanti’s search business strategically and tactically. He has helped iQuanti become a top New York digital agency that delivers advanced data driven digital marketing solutions to Fortune 100 brands such as American Express, Sallie Mae and Allstate Insurance. Wayne’s longtime passion for search combined with his entrepreneurial background makes him a rare leader. He is a strategic business mastermind who also possesses technical depth, which has helped his clients solve their most challenging SEO problems. Most recently, he’s also merging his SEO expertise with technology and product development as a leading advisor for iQuanti’s proprietary search tools and products. Outside of his daily role, he plays an active leadership role in the search community as an international keynote speaker and SME. Wayne holds degrees in engineering and architectural design, with a minor in Mathematics, as well as being a veteran of the United States Army, Core of Engineers. Wayne is a proud father to two daughters and in his spare time, he likes to stay active with boating, CrossFit, and volleyball.

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