Jon Kagan entered the online marketing industry in 2005 – starting out in the SEM world. From there, he progressed and expanded into other sectors of the digital marketing world. Jon is currently the Director of Search & Biddable Media at Results Digital on several brands, in multiple verticals. Jon is a recipient of the 2013 Google Search Excellence Award. Over the years, Jon has worked in many industry sectors with his latest focus in the financial services industry. As a current Director of Search & Biddable Media at Results Digital in New York, Jon’s primary duties were to create and execute a search marketing and biddable media strategies for his clients. Jon helps manage a team to complete the associated tasks of the account, which included keyword research, linking strategies, vendor vetting, vendor contracts, creative copywriting, and maintaining top-level relationships with the client, among other things. He has also expanded his experience and knowledge to other facets, including DSP/exchanges, mobile marketing, and social media marketing. Prior to working with Results Digital, Jon was the handling paid search, audience development, SEO, and other disciplines with Digitas, MediaCom, Forbes, Prime Visibility and Jon is Google Adwords Certified and Bing Ads Accredited,l of which which means he understands the intricacies of search as determined by two of the world’s largest search engines networks. While he likes to get involved in the tactical details of any project, Jon’s primary strengths lie in developing effective online marketing strategies and helping clients determine their big picture goals for web marketing. Specialties: PPC/Pay-Per-Click/SEM/Search Engine Marketing Paid Search Advertising Marketing Content Syndication Researching and Creating Syndication/Content Share Partnerships Mobile Marketing Social Media Marketing Digital Analytics Ad Exchange Demand Side Platform Biddable Media

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