Mark Wollney, Executive Vice President Digital, is both a skilled marketer and an expert at harnessing the power of digital. Mark currently manages a team of over 70 and is responsible for every phase of the agency’s digital initiatives from strategy to deployment to measurements. With 25 years of experience in the consumer and B-to-B sectors, Mark started his career with Citibank as a Marketing Manager when digital was literally in its infancy. By pushing limits and embracing digital without fear, Mark pioneered the development of Citibank’s first Web program—a banner ad campaign to get their customers to go online. He continued to expand Citibank’s online presence with micro-sites, tracking and analytics. After leaving Citibank, Mark worked in several agencies, heading their digital teams. Before coming to Aspen, he worked at W.W. Grainger where he oversaw all marketing efforts and managed their content team. By introducing small businesses to the Web’s effectiveness as a marketing tool, Mark achieved an 18% increase in spending by getting customers to go online. Mark has had great success in integrating digital programs into larger marketing initiatives, from call centers to social media, mobile, Web mail and digital signage. The outcome of this integration has been higher response rates, increased awareness and award-winning results. Looking to the future, Mark plans to explore how smart devices and other emerging technologies will affect messaging to consumers. As a true digital pioneer, he’s eager to jump in and find out. About Epsilon:an all-encompassing global marketing company, a leader in creating connections between people and brands. We find, acquire and retain customers for brands around the world. We are the first of a new breed, harnessing rich data, groundbreaking technologies, engaging creative and transformative ideas to get the results our clients require.