Lachlan Brahe is Vice President, Australia and New Zealand at comScore.With more than 18 years of experience in the digital marketing industry, Lachlan has a deep understanding of a diverse range of disciplines including media strategy, planning and buying, media sales, social media, website development, data and analytics.

Lachlan was mostly an “agency guy”. In addition to a stint with Siimon Reynolds, one of Australia's  most  celebrated  creative  minds,  to  set  up  the  online  division  of  the  highly awarded agency Love, he spent 10 years with emitch / Mitchell / Aegis, with 5 years as Managing Director of emitch Sydney and Brisbane.  

Keen  to  expand  his  horizons,  and  merge  his  two  loves  of  digital  and  music,  Lachlan then jumped the fence to MCM Media to lead its partnership with VEVO in Australia and New Zealand in 2012. He joined comScore in  2013 when the opportunity arose to look under the hood of the Internet without getting into trouble.

Whatever the angle, Lachlan's passion continues to be helping companies to grow and utilise their digital assets to make better business decisions.