Peter C. Horan is an experienced entrepreneur with a history of building successful media and internet businesses. As a CEO and independent director he has been part of four profitable exits in the last seven years totaling more almost $700 million in value. He has been CEO of IAC Media and Advertising,,, Goodmail Systems, and DevX.

Peter is currently focused on: the intersection of the social web with media and advertising; lightweight content models; as well as advanced ad targeting techniques.

Peter is an active angel investor and board member. In addition to Halogen Media Group, Peter currently works with, Lending Tree, Function(x), Reply Media, Nile Guide, Apture, Avid Trips, AdZerk, Mahalo, PublishThis, and Bright Hub.

He has played a role in five major revolutions in media and technology including: home video games; personal computers; cell phones; Windows computing; and the internet.

He has served on the board of directors of the Interactive Advertising Bureau and the Online Publishers Association. He is a venture advisor for Amplifier Ventures.

Summits Attended

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