Darrin Shamo started at Zappos back in 2004 when the marketing department consisted of 3 dedicated employees.  At the time, in addition to search and comparison engines, he worked with many different marketing functions including Affiliates, print and product sample requests.  Since then, Zappos has reached $1B in sales and the marketing department has grown to the point of splitting in 2008.   The department now consists of Direct Response and Branding. 

As Senior SEM Manager, Darrin manages many of the in-house Direct Response functions for the company including Paid Search, Comparison Shopping, Paid Inclusion as well as some smaller display tests.  He and a team of 6 make up the search team at Zappos.  Several recent innovations include:

·         A common datamart for channels to allow for comprehensive multi-channel sales attribution with a weighted bidding model.

·         A complete sync of our inventory with our paid search program.

·         Creation of several tools to improve the traffic quality from our comparison engines.

·         Aggressive keyword expansion to increase impression volume by 36% while minimizing costs. 

In 2000 while at college, Darrin worked with many up and coming publishers to sell and manage online display advertising.  He later became a partner of a small computer networking company before joining Zappos in 2004.