<P>Calvin Lee is a consultant for Verztec Consulting. A linguist at heart, Calvin still dabbles in translation projects and edits movie subtitles during his free time. </P><P>Out from the translation realm, Calvin reviews restaurants and spas in Thailand for several publications, both here and in Singapore. And when his imaginative mind takes over, Calvin will be weaving the chapters in his first attempt to complete a novel. Calvin has a Bachelor&acute;s degree in Electrical Engineering and a penchant for analyzing airline commercial routes. </P>

My Articles

Language translation in 2010

| Calvin Lee

The new Google Translate tool allows marketers to make their collateral accessible to more countries, but physical editors and copywriters are here to stay.

5 ways to localize your website

| Calvin Lee

Your website is key to your e-marketing campaigns, and it is common to create mirror sites in multiple languages. Below are five tips to guide you when converting your single-language site...