Nalts Consulting is led by Kevin Nalty, one of the most prolific online video creators (nearly 800 videos seen more than 80 million times).

But he’s also an experienced marketer who was a product director of a leading Merck consumer brand, and he worked at Johnson & Johnson, KPMG Consulting and Qwest Internet Solutions. So he has a unique ability to help social media and video marketing translate to business impact. His unique "inside out and outside in" perspective helps clients add value to both their company and their "target" market (customers, prospects, brand evangelists or large audiences).

The sustainable programs are a win for both the company and the people with whom they engage. Nalty helps brands engage with lower risk, greater agility and speed, and defined success metrics. He is the only experienced marketer who also is one of the most-viewed online-video personalities. He also taps experts in a variety of other "conversational" mediums (Twitter, Facebook). Dozens of trusted brands – Fox, Mentos, MTV, and Crowne Plaza -- have benefited from his experience and skills.

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