As founder and president of [x+1], (originally Poindexter Systems), Joseph Zawadzki had a vision in 1999 of creating a company whose focus is providing effective quant-driven online marketing solutions that are simple to use and profitable to the end user. Having led the company through its development, he is currently responsible for anchor accounts and new initiatives that apply [x+1]’s technology in adjacent markets.

Joe brings to [x+1] the expertise acquired while Director of Technology and Financial Analyst at Wells Hill Partners, a boutique real estate investment bank in New York City. In addition to working with clients such as AT&T, CSX, Deutsche Bank, and Hilton, Joe launched a project leveraging statistical modeling technology in the real estate industry. Prior to working at Wells Hill Partners, he was President of 550075 Ontario, Inc., a commercial and residential real estate development corporation in Ontario, Canada.

Joe graduated from Harvard University with a degree in English and a Teaching Fellow in cosmology, set theory, and the history of science.