In his eight years with the company, Joel Lunenfeld has seen Moxie Interactive grow from a small team of five, to a bustling staff of more than 300. Prior to being named CEO in June 2009, Lunenfeld served as chief innovation officer. As a founding partner at Moxie, and pioneer in the digital industry, Lunenfeld’s expertise and views on the ever changing landscape of social media, technology and communication platforms, bring to life strategies and programs that have helped shape the interactive marketplace. The emerging world of gaming, mobile, content co-creation, video delivery and the social graph are his key areas of interest that are brought to life in many client programs. In addition to being a published author, Lunenfeld is a sought after industry speaker, as his presentations known for offering a unique, witty, and often cynical view of the often overhyped digital industry. <br /><br />Originally from Brooklyn, he began his marketing career working for the Buffalo Sabres NHL Hockey Franchise while earning his bachelor’s degree in Cultural Anthropology from The State University of New York at Buffalo. Lunenfeld’s degree gives him a unique perspective on human behavior and the motivation behind marketing trends.