With over 14 years in business development at some of the world's most respected media agencies, Jessica Joines saw that one of the most overwhelming tasks for agency executives (and brands alike) was to keep pace with the new technologies and digital media start-ups that emerge every month.


 Since forming the Digital Media Review (DMR) with her partner Gayle, she has been delivering products and solutions to address this pain point. In her role at DMR, Joines has shaped the vision of its services and products, including DMR's consulting practice, which helps digital technology companies understand and communicate what is truly unique about their products in a way that best resonates with agencies and brands. She has also been responsible for driving DMR's own marketing efforts and formulating DMR's proprietary rating criteria for digital media technologies.


 Prior to co-founding DMR, Joines spent the majority of her career working for some of the world's leading advertising agencies -- both creative and media. She has set the business development and marketing strategy for a number of firms, finding innovative ways to create revenue with new prospects, leading to new business wins generating over $2 billion in new billings during her agency tenure.

Summits Attended

iMedia Brand Summit

Marketing to the New Consumer

iMedia Breakthrough Summit

The Next Wave of Digital Marketing

iMedia Breakthrough Summit

Keeping Pace with the Mobile Consumer