Since 1999, [x+1] has helped marketers connect with consumers in more meaningful, actionable ways, delivering content and offers where they’re most relevant.<br /><br />We work with brands, agencies and media companies to determine the most valuable customer attributes (those characteristics that indicate who is most likely to respond favorably) and then interact with those people when and where they are online.<br /><br />Our groundbreaking and patented technology, the Predictive Optimization Engine (POE ™), makes it possible using sophisticated statistical modeling to leverage and surpass traditional direct marketing techniques.<br /><br />It’s at the heart of our product set, which includes Media+1, Site+1 and Landing Page+1. All of which enable automated, real-time decision making and personalization, ensuring that the right ad or message is delivered to the right person at the right time.<br /><br />Our clients include leading digital marketers and agencies in financial services, telecommunications, online services, travel and other industries.