Seth Haberman founded Visible World in 2000, with the goal of transforming advertising production and delivery to achieve greater relevance and effectiveness. With a track record of success marked by milestones including an Emmy Award and his work with today’s largest companies and advertising executives, Haberman has far exceeded that goal. Under his vision and leadership, Visible World has emerged as a technology leader in the field of advanced video advertising, by enabling new levels of automation and efficiency in the identification of audiences and customization, trafficking and delivery of video ads. In the first decade of Visible World’s history, Haberman has not only built the company into a successful industry leader, but also sparked the evolution that is transforming the future of television advertising. Among his key achievements are Visible World’s Technology & Engineering Emmy awarded in 2007 for Development and Implementation of Automatically Assembled Dynamic Customized TV Advertising. Haberman is routinely sought after for media and event insights. He was featured in Details 2007 Mavericks Issue, and Media recognized him in 2004 as part of the magazine’s “Top100 People to Know in Media.” His innovative approach to video advertising has been recognized by leading industry experts including media industry visionary Jack Myers, who identified Visible World as one of the top 25 media innovators of 2003. Seth has been featured as a speaker at The MIT Forum, the RVC Technology Conference, and at the ANA's Advertising Management committee meeting on "Innovations that Marketers Must Be Familiar With." Prior to founding Visible World, Seth was the CEO of Montage Group, an innovator in non-linear editing, networking video and tactile feedback and licensor of technology to leading manufacturers such as Avid and Apple. Montage's innovative work earned and Academy Award for technological achievement in 1987 and several Emmy Awards.  


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