As a veteran of Interactive Marketing and Social Media, Scott Meldrum provides digital strategy, creative and media solutions for leading brands. Leveraging 20 years of interactive experience, he has delivered award-wining digital advertising and social media programs for brands like Starbucks, Best Buy, Shell, RadioShack, EA Games and ABC Television. 

Scott is the Executive Director of Interactive at WDCW, an an award-winning integrated marketing communications agency. As the agency's chief digital officer, Scott is responsible leadership of their interactive practice group comprised of 30+ leading digital professionals. He oversees operations and leads the business strategy to drive revenue and growth for the agency.

Formerly, Scott led Integrated Marketing at TiVo where he was responsible for online/offline brand marketing and social media. Prior to this role, Meldrum was president of The Hype Council, an digital marketing and publicity company he founded in 1999 where he helped recording artists Jennifer Lopez, Avril Lavigne and Coldplay reach star status. Meldrum capitalized on these early successes in music and built the two-person shop into multi-million dollar digital agency with a client base of global brands and gaming publishers including EA Games, Disney, Toyota, Sony, Activision, Levi's, McDonald's, and Reebok.

Scott Meldrum is the founder of The Video Game Marketing Group at LinkedIn, now part of the [a]listdaily – a blog and online social community. Under his social media marketing guidance, the group has swelled from 2,000 subscribers to more than 15,000 video game industry professionals.

Scott is the "Social Media Expert" in Residence for the Small Business Network: a consortium of 45,000 small and medium business owners. Scott helps business owners amplify their marketing efforts via social media. He is also an active speaker and columnist. His articles have been syndicated by nationally recognized online and print publications.

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