Dan Bishop is the Director of Mobile, Social & Emerging Media Strategy & Acquisition at Experian Consumer Services (ECS).  This is a newly formed group, with Dan’s arrival, and he is responsible for developing the strategy and architecture for scaling these channels into major growth and retention levers for ECS’ current and future business model and in doing so, ensuring that an optimal user experience is at the forefront of everything. 

Prior to ECS, Dan spent 3 years with Intuit, where he managed Social, Mobile & Emerging Media Strategy and Acquisition for its largest revenue division, Consumer Group (TurboTax).  In this role he was responsible for mapping out and optimizing Intuit’s growth channels while continuously testing and scaling new technology platforms that laddered to the business. At the time of departure, Dan had helped grow Intuit’s mobile business over 400% and scaled Facebook to not only of the more strategic Intuit relationships, but also one of the top performing digital acquisition partners.  Prior to Intuit, Dan held strategy and business development roles for startups Ustream, Mahalo and JumpTV.  As employee #11 and the first business development hire at Ustream,  Dan architected a content and social platform strategy that would take Ustream from a “live puppy cam channel” with 200K monthly uniques to a premier content network with over 10M monthly uniques.  

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