Julian Aldridge, VP, brand evangelism and activation, joined Schwab in 2012 to drive the Challenger Brand Identity project and help the company rediscover and activate its rich Challenger heritage for a new generation of investors.

Over his 30 years in the advertising and marketing industry, Aldridge has amassed expertise across virtually every category imaginable, working with iconic brands like Nike, DHL, Miller, adidas, Coke, and Disney, to name but a few.

His driving passions throughout his career have been reinvention and reimagination – of brands, of himself, and of marketing itself.  A passion that has seen him pioneer the concept of experience planning in the first dot-com boom, influencer marketing before Facebook, and, most recently, Challenger thinking and activation within major corporations.


He's also an avid traveler, athlete, softball player, father, husband, and crossFitter.

Summits Attended

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