Jeff Rossi is currently a VP Digital Director at Mediavest on the Procter & Gamble account

Rossi, a veteran of the online community has worked at Avenue A, TBWA/Chiat Day and BBDO/@tmosphere Interactive. Unbeknownst to even him;from 1993-1997 Jeff was actually honing the art of servicing advertising clients at such reputable establishments as The Ground Round, Cozymels Mexican Grill, and the Outback and Bugaboo Creek steakhouses. It was during this time Jeff discovered the tenets of effective client partnering (which are coincidently the tenets of being a good waiter): - No matter how many tables (clients) you have make each one feel special. - Know the menu, upsell the specials. - Its the customer's (clients') money, they can spend it as they see fit - suggest the steak, but don't be upset if they just want a salad. - No matter what's on fire behind the scenes - always give your customer (client) the feeling that everything is going to be all right. And most of all - Be aware of your surroundings. Answer questions before they ask - but never become "that annoying waiter/agency guy".

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