As a 17-veteran of the media business, Kate Sirkin has left her mark on both sides of the Atlantic. As global research director, Sirkin oversees a massive worldwide budget as she manages emerging media trends, data and support for SMG clients, initiates proprietary studies and acts as the company’s voice on critical media issues. She and her staff have been recognized by clients for their ability to translate raw data into the kinds of insights that help them build their brands and business.   Sirkin’s current role provides her the opportunity to develop strategic alliances with key players in the industry, the most recent of which is with a European company called Integration and their brand management and accountability tool — Market Contact Audit — a partnership that provides our planners with the ability to maximize brand plans against a whole range of contact options and provide marketers with ROI metrics for all the chosen contacts. This tool is being used to great effect on the majority of SMG largest clients.

A native of England, she joined Leo Burnett’s London office in 1988 as a media researcher. Early on, it became clear that Sirkin had the ability to leverage the power of media research in ways that would benefit clients and the industry as a whole. She is recognized as one of the most innovative thinkers in the research industry. As a result, Sirkin is actively sought out by the trade press for her point of view on the latest media trends and their impact on advertising. She is also a frequent speaker at influential conferences that have contributed to her reputation as one of the most knowledgeable leaders in the research business.                                                                                   Throughout her career, Sirkin has spearheaded a number of research initiatives that have helped to expand the field of media research. Recognizing the growing role the Internet plays in consumer media habits, Sirkin has shepherded a quarterly report on Internet usage across a wide range of demographic groups with the findings being used both internally and externally to better shape media plans. Sirkin was the first person to bring the elusive “TV optimizers” to the US marketplace in 1997; she has worked with partners in Australia and the users to develop SMG’s unique TV reach optimization and allocation

Outside her SMG duties, Sirkin serves on the Advertising Research Foundation’s Board of Directors, which places her on the cutting edge of key industry learning initiatives that facilitate better marketing and advertising contact.

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