The cornerstone of Robert Danard’s career is his ability to foster strong, positive relationships; to connect individuals, businesses and investment capital in the spirit of cooperation and growth. It is this ability which has been the guiding force behind his career and success.

In 1998, during his final year of Business Commerce at the University of Calgary, Alberta born Danard launched World Wide Exchange, one of the first social network platforms introduced to the web; and NE2 Encryption Systems an online, wireless, and military security application. Two ventures recognized in its time as innovative achievements.

A builder to the core, Danard moved on in 2004 to Vancouver, British Columbia to assist Fireswirl Technologies and it partners, build, develop and launch its full suite of online and mobile gaming technologies around the World. As the Vice President of Business Development Danard was the ideal candidate to establish this first-of-its-kind national representation in many foreign markets.

Wealthmates Inc., a Business Development Consulting and Investment company is a firm that Danard has owned and operated since 2001. This brought him and his family back to Calgary, Alberta in 2009 where he has successfully assisted his clients in rebranding, rethinking and revitalizing its people, positioning and profits.

Danard brings his passion for people and fostering new business together not only at ENGAGEIA, but also at Raptify. Raptify is an incentive marketing systems that combines the power of shared interests and personal relationships between individuals to initiate a chain reaction where your brand, message, or reccomended product or service is passed from one person to another in rapid succession.

Danard attributes his abilities and success in both his personal and business lives to his love of sports. His years of playing competitive sports have given him the skills to work as a team, focus on a common goal and respect the individuals he’s working with. Danard has further developed his leadership abilities through coaching sports, love of reading and professional development.


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iMedia Agency Summit

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