As Chief Technology Officer at Rocket Fuel Inc., Torrance is driving the company's core technology development around predictive modeling and optimization for real-time bidding.  Torrance studied Artificial Intelligence at Stanford and MIT, where in 1994 he left his PhD and academic career behind to blaze a trail of entrepreneurship on the newly-emerging World Wide Web.

He started as a hobby, then traffic quickly grew and it became the largest stock quote site on the planet.  His startup was one of the first and largest customers of the DoubleClick ad network.

The technology team at Rocket Fuel is building exactly the kind of rocket science for automated campaign management and optimization that he wished for as a publisher, and exactly the technology that he’s personally very excited about given his background in AI and Robotics, and the opportunities he sees to boost the effectiveness of online advertising with these technologies.

Torrance holds a Bachelor of Science degree in symbolic systems from Stanford University and a Master of Science (S.M.) degree in electrical engineering and computer science from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.