Jarvis Mak runs the Customer Success group for Rocket Fuel, responsible for ensuring successful campaigns and delighting customers. He originally joined Rocket Fuel in 2009 as VP of Analytics. Previously, Mak was with Havas Digital as a senior vice president and global director of research & insight, responsible for working with clients worldwide to help guide communication strategy through an insights-driven approach. Mak originally joined Havas Digital as head of research for Media Contacts in the US.

Before joining Media Contacts, he was with DS-IQ, a marketing services firm in retail digital media, translating in-store campaign results into recommended targeting and optimization strategies. Prior to DS-IQ, Mak was at Yahoo! where he provided insights and solutions to key retail and travel clients. Mak also served as a director of analytics for Nielsen//NetRatings, where he spearheaded the MegaPanel research effort and managed the custom research team.

Jarvis received his bachelor’s degree in molecular and cell biology from UC Berkeley.

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