David Sonn, Founder and President of Arc Intermedia, is an entrepreneur with over twenty years of marketing and sales experience. He has served a wide a range of vertical markets from pharmaceuticals, financial and nonprofits to sports, entertainment and consumer products.

He founded Arc Intermedia on a basic mantra: every initiative must begin with a clearly defined business goal. This assures clients that their work will be on strategy and that none of their budget will be spent on misdirected efforts. David is dedicated to helping clients leverage technology and marketing and is often called upon for consultation, speaking engagements and workshops.

In 1996, he co-founded D&D Interactive, one of the first interactive agencies in the Philadelphia area. During a time when most companies didn't even have websites, David steered the company through a rapidly-changing market that was too new to offer any road map.  Although technology changed rapidly, he led the agency to many years of profitability and success.

Today, he also owns Dot Holdings, LLC and provides consulting to technology startups. He offers insight on business plan projections, marketing tactics and business services.

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Why I Love Paid Search

| David Sonn

Sometimes, something that sounds too good to be true actually isn't. Paid Search (or Search Engine Marketing) really is one of the most effective and cost-efficient forms of advertising...