As the group account director for Novartis, Lily Chakrabarty's focus is to continually define solutions and consumer experiences for brands that achieve goals and drive results. She is responsible for managing the client's North American advertising approach, including all strategy and activation work.  

For Novartis, her team plays a crucial role in the brand's communications strategy, working with the client's complex ecosystem spanning brand contacts across North America, multiple creative agencies, and a variety of product groups.

Chakrabarty's prior experience spans a variety of business sectors – including CPG, tech, and finance – reaching audiences ranging from moms to multimillionaires. She was one of the pioneers of integrated digital and analog media models at SMG. Today, her skills allow her to seamlessly talk about TV, Twitter, and tech stack at one moment, and multimedia ROI and attribution models the next. While all industries bring different marketing challenges to solve for, Chakrabarty firmly believes in the power of human experience planning for brands powered by data, no matter what the platform.

Chakrabarty has a master's degree in Marketing and Advertising from the University of Illinois.

Summits Attended

iMedia Agency Summit

From Agent to Ally: The Modern Agency's Survival Guide