Since the late ‘90s, Evan Gerber has created innovated technology solutions for unique business problems. Evan is the Vice President of Mobile Design and Emerging Interactions at Fidelity Investments.  An avid technophile and self proclaimed device geek, he is fascinated by the interplay of business, technology, and culture.

Evan's first engagement in the mobile space was over a decade ago, porting Lotus Notes over to the Palm IV platform.  He has supported global brands in envisioning, designing, and implementing major mobile, social, and eCommerce campaigns, including clients such as Sprite, P&G, and Adidas. A frequent speaker and writer, Evan and has published on topics including social networking for millennials, the usability of content management, best practices in internationalization and localization, and how to create usable, relevant mobile experiences.

Evan graduated with honors in Anthropology from Brandeis University, and also received a DEUG +1 from Universite Paul Valery in Montpellier, France. An avid traveler and award-winning chef, Evan is happiest when there is great food involved or mountains to climb.

My Articles

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