Hello I’m Daniel, a leading expert in interactive and creative design specializing in the mobile medium. My graduation from Massey University with a Bachelor of Design majoring in visual communication with honours has led me into the becoming a specialist of interactive media focusing on the forefront of interactive solutions. Upon joining The Hyperfactory in 2010 my focus has been to become a leading expert in mobile focused interactivity and creative design. I am involved heavily in all stages of design process, working as a creative to identifying brand challenges and coming up with unique and innovative solutions. My ongoing research of the interactive medium enables me to identify the projects essence to create simple and logical interfaces. My past focus as a graphic designer has allowed me to understand the fundamentals of design and typography which leads into crafting beautiful and elegant designs solutions. My work as been applied to many successful brands including Kraft Foods, Black Berry, Inbev, Taco Bell, Nestle Gerber, Malibu, Dodge, HP, Acura, Visa, Banana Boat and Meredith Publication. To see examples of my work browse my portfolio. Enjoy!