As the VP of OPEN Digital Marketing & Innovation, Scott Roen manages a team charged with the strategy, development, and management of online, mobile, social, emerging platforms, and digital partnerships.  In the past year Scott has more than doubled OPEN’s small business online community, OPEN Forum, attracting millions of small business owners looking for new ways to run their business or connect with other business owners.  Scott championed social integration of Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin, the launch of the OPEN Forum iPhone app, and the opening up of OPEN Forum’s APIs for greater innovation.  In Nov he led the company’s first ever Hackathon in partnership with NYC based accelerator, General Assembly.  His work has been a magnate for young start-ups looking to collaborate with companies and he’s been able to develop these collaborations with numerous entrepreneurs including TechStars companies Veri, Contently, and others.  His ability to bring so many small business owners together has piqued the interest of other large B2B marketers like FedEx & AT&T who are now partnering with OPEN Forum as well as the White House.  Late last year the White House asked Scott to come to Washington and host a live streaming webcast where small business owners could ask questions of the Administration through OPEN Forum or  There was tremendous interest from business owners and the Administration alike.

Prior to joining OPEN, Scott led the development and management of digital products for Global Merchant Services. His team was responsible for launching a global offers platform currently in 118 countries, the first targeted multi-currency loyalty program, and a coupon-less fulfillment engine that has been leveraged by thousands of merchants and online leaders like Foursquare and Facebook. Prior to joining American Express, Scott held digital new product development and marketing roles at United Airlines, Oracle Corporation, Scient, and Hewitt Associates.

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A lot of brands talk about building a community, but American Express, with the help of Scott Roen, put that talk into action with American Express OPEN Forum, a virtual hub...