Tracy has spent more than 20 years developing marketing plans and communications strategies on both the agency and client sides. She spent seven years with Ketchum Advertising working in the media group on a variety of high tech, business-to-business, and retail accounts. She also ran marketing communications for high tech software start-up company, Printcafé. Her experience includes a great combination of both traditional and non-traditional media planning. She was recognized as Business Marketing Magazine’s “Best and Brightest Media Strategist” for her work on Imation, a $2.5 billion spin-off of 3M Corporation’s Information and Imaging Divisions. Tracy joined Brunner in 2005.

My Articles

You Got Served…Or, Did You?

| Tracy Gross

Recent statistics state that “three out of every 10 ad impressions served online are not viewable to the user.” With that said, it’s no wonder that the media industry has been abuzz lately...