As vice president of marketing at Rhapsody International, Mark Keeney is responsible for overseeing the strategy and execution for all marketing teams and channels.  For the past eight years, Keeney has played a pivotal role in securing Rhapsody’s position as the leading premium on-demand music service by heading up the customer acquisition, partnership and brand strategies that heave led to customer growth and improved the overall lifetime value of Rhapsody customers.

Keeney has over 15 years of B2C experience in the digital space and has experienced the shifts in technology and consumer behaviors first hand. He has dual Bachelor’s Degrees in History and Economics from the University of Washington.  His first concert was Eric Burdon and the Animals at Seattle’s Bumbershoot while his first album was The Rolling Stone’s Beggar’s Banquet (which he still proudly owns.)

Summits Attended

iMedia Brand Summit

Customers For Life: Creating Brand Loyalty