Amy Vale began her career in Australia as a marketing executive for XM2, a photographic and web design agency, in Melbourne Australia. While there, she continued to run her own marketing and advertising agency focusing on small to medium-sized businesses.

Upon graduating from the Business and Advertising program at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, she worked at Whybin/TBWA as a copywriter developing campaigns for such brands as Mars, Pacific Brands, and Nissan. 

From there, she moved to Capral, a national aluminum company, where she spent more than 2 years building brands and marketing initiatives for their industrial, commercial and domestic products.  She has also led marketing efforts for, Infiniti Telecommunications and Zinc Group.

Before joining Mojiva in 2010, Amy worked with News Limited's latest acquisition,, where she headed the Ad Operations team.

Currently Amy is responsible for global research, marketing, strategic communications and is based at Mojiva's New York headquarters.


Summits Attended

iMedia Breakthrough Summit

Keeping Pace with the Mobile Consumer

iMedia Brand Summit

Customers For Life: Creating Brand Loyalty

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