Over the last 20 years, Serena Ehrlich has worked closely with public and private companies providing guidance on investor and public relation trends. Serena has implemented local, national and international social media campaigns for a wide range of company and brands including LuxuryLink, Viking River Cruises, the unincorporated city of Marina del Rey, Kraft, Kohl's, Avon, Mattel and more.
Serena started her career in advertising where she developed an understanding of branding from a large-scale perspective, but it was her 14 years in the newswire industry that placed her squarely at the forefront of a technical, sociological and influential revolution changing the face of customer communications.  In 1994, Serena was part of a small team who introduced the communications industry to the Internet via a series of first-ever conferences, Her love of technology based communications hasn’t stopped since.
Currently, Serena participates in and oversees the creation and implementation of mobile and social strategies designed to meet a wide-range of customer goals, from brand awareness to customer appreciation and service, to driving potential new fans into the marketing funnel.  Serena creates relationships within core and affinity audiences to create 360-degree awareness for brands. 
As the director of social and evolving media, Serena has a unique perspective on the future of PR and content distribution.  In addition, Serena serves as the membership chair of the international Social Media Club board of directors, and is a frequent speaker on all things related to modern communication practices. She can be found on Twitter (@serena) as well as a wide range of emerging platforms.

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