"A man must write a cart-load of trash, before he can produce a handful of excellence." — Thomas Carlyle James has a deep appreciation for the dynamic of failing before you get it right — even when you're prepared for success. Compared to Draft 1.0, Draft 25.3 is almost always better. It's this philosophy — acquired in conjunction with his diverse background, a slew of awards, a tireless approach to compelling content development and a penchant for the em dash — that brought him to iCrossing in 2010. Prior to iCrossing, James worked with direct marketing agency [email protected] and digital agency imc2, where he plied his craft across myriad marketing channels and multiple verticals including Consumer Electronics (Sony, Samsung Mobile, Casio, Epson and Sharp), Financial Services (KeyBank, TIAA-CREF and Scottrade), Retail (RadioShack, Best Buy and Giant Eagle), Consumer Packaged Goods (P&G, Hershey and Campbell’s) and several others. When he's not creating better content, James likes to spend time appreciating the first-draft joy of real-time living with his wife and their two children plus Emo the dog three worthless cats.