Mercedes Romana is the Rich Media Strategist at Mediaplex. As a brand experience and rich media expert, she works with a variety of Mediaplex clients to help them craft rich media strategies and execute using a data-driven approach. She has over a decade of marketing and advertising experience with some of the leading media and brand companies. Drawing upon her work in traditional media at Clear Channel, Mercedes started her digital career as the CRM manager and email campaign manager for a national NGO. With guerrilla marketing tactics in hand, Mercedes began working at Mediaplex five years ago and quickly started managing a new initiative, Mediaplex Marketplace, which eventually became MOJO DSP and VCM’s Go Cart program. Watching the landscape evolve and having an enthusiastic interest in graphic design, she joined the rich media team taking her understanding of media and creative needs to a new level. Mercedes holds a BA in Spanish from the University of Colorado.