Judd Wheeler offers in-depth understanding of emerging technologies necessary to optimize corporate communications, analyze technology life cycle, develop leading edge applications and implement strategic marketing plans.  He has coordinated “Art of Mobile” conferences and been selected as a Keynote Speaker for an international conference.  He brings broad knowledge and understanding of mobile marketing, social media, SEO, digital signage, DVD development and other digital media applications.  Added to his many talents, you will find he is an expert at identifying markets and market trends, conducting competitive analysis and listening to customers in order to develop innovations.  If you are seeking a multi-talented leader you will find his high energy, inquisitive natures and professionalism to be superb.  

·         Global Mobile Innovation – Keynote speaker for a 2 day mobile conference in Bahrain.

·         The Mobilists – Founded a mobile technology blog averaging 200+views/day. Gathered       writers to help create content and provide different viewpoints and expertise.

·         The Art of Mobile Conference – Put together the first mobile conference in Oklahoma.       Coordinated the conference with a local college and industry experts. Secured professionals          who use mobile technologies to speak to their peers with Apple as the keynote speaker.

·         Awards – Four Tulsa ADDYs and two citations within three years.

·         Generated a new income stream which increased the company’s income by 648% while increasing the number of subscriptions by 888% in 30 months.

·         Create and implement long-range strategic plans which improve processes, reduce costs, integrate innovation and launch new products in a highly competitive environment.



Why not let his next success become your success?