Jon Clemons is a Tokyo-based marketer, writer and entrepreneur. In his free time he's a tea aficionado and enjoys snowboarding and hiking.

Clemons started out as a web developer in the US when he was just 14.  During his senior year in high school he taught a web development course to his peers that was recognized as technology credits by the board of education.

Since then he has worked with a number of startups and most notably Groupon where he was Japan’s CMO and also managed digital marketing for Groupon Korea.  He assessed each country's marketing landscapes and trained local staff on how to use the latest in marketing innovation while helping them implement from the code up.

Clemons is fluent in spoken and written Japanese to a high standard.  He has strong insights into the digital marketing requirements for all sizes of business at a Japanese market level, as well as internationally.  Clemons has a broad range of skills across digital marketing disciplines, with a particular focus on social, search and analytics.  He is a no nonsense digital marketing expert who understands both the commercial methods in utilising digital as well as having a high level of technical proficiency.

Clemons is currently working for dmg events Japan where he's promoting the world's largest advertising and marketing event, ad:tech.