Steven Tedjamulia is the CEO and co-founder of Predictive Science. Prior to co-founding Predictive Science, Tedjamulia was the founder and executive practice lead for Dell's digital strategy and innovation consulting practice, where he was responsible for providing strategic consulting services to Fortune 1000 marketers such as Verizon, Carnival Cruise Lines, Equinox, and VMware.

Tedjamulia also served as the director and co-founder of Dell's digital and social commerce innovation labs, where he led strategic efforts in creating, experimenting, partnering, and launching digital and big data technologies. Growing his team from one to 130 people, Tedjamulia raised $18 million, launched over 50 digital projects, and formed an advisory board that included Reid Hoffman (Greylock, Linkedin), Jim Breyer (Accel), Jim Goetz (Sequoia), Bing Gordon (KPCM), Maynard Webb (LiveOps), Sheryl Sandberg (Facebook), and Jeff Weiner (Linkedin). He secured 13 patents, created a Dell subsidiary company called Marketvine, sold over $2 million in products, and helped drive the development of Dell's big data initiatives.


Tedjamulia spent more than 10 years working as a general manager, a product manager, and a business development manager at Bazaarvoice, Open Text, Vignette, Collanos, Novell, and Brigham Young University. He serves on boards of Brand Innovators, Digital Strategy Innovation Summit, Chief Strategy Officer Magazine, and Tech Media. He also continues to advise Carnival Cruise Lines, VMware, and Verizon's digital executives.


Summits Attended

iMedia Breakthrough Summit

Breakthrough: The Next Wave of Marketing

iMedia Breakthrough Summit

The Next Wave of Digital Marketing

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