James Malins is a seasoned digital marketing executive with over a decade of experience in marketing technology.   As VP of Cross Channel Solutions at Amobee, James oversees delivery and media strategy for the company’s global cross channel platform, powered by Amobee’s patented Brand Intelligence technology, which enables brands to engage audiences with the greatest effectiveness and relevancy using real time data.  Amobee Brand Intelligence provides a comprehensive, real time view of audiences, brands, sentiment, and trends using real time and historical data from across the web, social, mobile and video. Previously, James was the VP of Cross Channel Solutions for Adconion Direct where he launched the company’s social media solutions and managed the company’s display, video, and mobile delivery.  Adconion was acquired by Singtel-owned Amobee in 2014.  James is a thought leader whose opinions and insights around data, advertising and technology, and are frequently featured in major industry publications, industry conferences and events.  James is a native of Honolulu, Hawaii and holds a B.A. in Marketing from Loyola Marymount University.

My Articles

Mobile: Channel vs. Device

| James Malins

Oh, how quickly we all forget. In 2011, Forrester published an article on the topic, is mobile a channel or a device, posing a great question for the marketing community to chew on. The...