Mitchell Weisman is founder and CEO of RevJet, a radically different advertising platform that empowers marketers to access the largest untapped source of value in digital advertising. He also serves as chairman of LifeStreet Media, a company he previously co-founded. In just a few years, Weisman's team grew LifeStreet from a four-person start-up into a global company with five offices across the world. LifeStreet is currently the largest social media ad exchange for the Facebook canvas application platform.

Prior to founding LifeStreet, Weisman served as senior vice president at Claria Corporation, an early digital marketing firm he helped grow from a pre-revenue start-up to nearly $100 million in annual revenue. Previously, Weisman spent seven years in technology venture capital and private equity.


A serial entrepreneur, Weisman founded and ran two successful student businesses while attending the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania.

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