Scott Ferris brings more than 20 years of broadband, cable and direct marketing experience to Atlas. As head of Emerging Technologies, he is responsible for incubating new business initiatives focused on the growth of digital cable television, on demand media and emerging technology such as in-stream video.

For more than two decades, Ferris has played a significant role in bringing hybrid fiber-coaxial networks and the “triple play” concept to market in the broadband industry. He was part of the US WEST team that built the first digital broadband network in the U.K. with Comcast, Jones Cable and TCI (now known as Telewest) and later introduced it into the U.S. market. He was also involved in the deployment of Time Warner Cable’s ground-breaking Full Service Network iTV trial in Orlando, Fla. At MediaOne, Ferris created the MediaOne brand and developed the company’s broadband cable modem and digital video strategy.

Ferris is committee chair of the Data/Metrics for the Innovation in Digital Advertising (IDiA) Project and is an active member of the Cable and Telecommunications Association for Marketing (CTAM) On Demand Television Consortium.