I have worn many different hats in the past 8 years since graduating from Ithaca College's Roy H. Park School of Communications with a B.S. in Cinema, Photography, & Fine Arts and a minor in writing. I came back to my native Los Angeles and started working in the film industry as a production assistant. I handled interdepartmental communication, collating scripts, picking up and receiving equipment, maintaining daily schedules for the cast and crew, wrangling talent, working closely with first and second directors; gaining quite an education in the dichotomy of set life. After working as a production assistant and an assistant to a director on an Indie film, my true education began. I started working for Brett Ratner; providing script coverage, going to pitch meetings, hosting pitch meetings, providing on and off-set assistance, participating in edit bay sessions, color timing sessions, and coordinating schedules while traveling around the world. But the most important lesson I learned while working with Brett was how to create, develop, and tell the best story possible. After wrapping my third project with Brett, I decided to start telling my own stories through different mediums. I started taking improvisational, theatrical, commercial, and voice acting classes, landing various roles. I wrote every day completing feature length scripts, scripted & non-scripted TV pilots and reality show treatments. I dove into webisodes and soon spec commercials that I wrote, produced and directed. These commercials soon became my calling card into the world of advertising. Currently, I am a copywriter concepting & executing 360 campaigns, but as a result of my prior experience, I have been able to contribute to experiential campaigns and photo/video shoots. My wide-ranging experience in film, TV, and advertising has given me a unique perspective and edge as a copywriter with the tools necessary to deliver the best story possible.