Ilana Westerman, CEO of Create with Context, believes that technology can make the world a better place by helping people to learn, grow, communicate, gather, create, work, buy, and have fun. "Innovation isn't just a great idea," she says. "It isn't just launching a product. It is about making positive change."

Create with Context partners with Fortune 500 companies like Visa, Yahoo!, and Adobe to invent new ways of doing things, evolve existing products and services, and fix what isn't working. Under Westerman's leadership, the company has become a thought leader in digital trends, sought out by news sources like The New York Times, NPR, and Fortune to provide analysis on ecommerce, app development, digital privacy, and other topics.


Westerman spearheaded Create with Context's Digital Trust Initiative, sponsored by Visa, AOL, Verizon, Yahoo!, and FPF, an ongoing effort to build trust between businesses and their customers regarding the collection and use of personal data. Through this work, Create with Context has surveyed, observed, and interviewed more than 15,000 consumers in order to learn about people's awareness of digital data collection, their thoughts about it, and which information they value.


Prior to joining Create with Context in 2005, Westerman worked on IBM's web presence for the Nagano Olympics and was one of the early members of Yahoo!, where she helped build the Yahoo! user experience team and led research and development for key Yahoo! properties. She has also shared her passion for research-driven design as an adjunct professor at San Jose State University.


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