As the Digital Publisher, Purcell is accountable for all digital revenue, expense and operating responsibility.  This includes achieving digital audience goals on all platforms, evolving and continuously improving the consumer experience through evaluation of new technology that enhances consumer engagement with what gets published online.  She leads the team responsible for growing the publications’ mobile applications, social media communities, web development, digital product management and its flagship online presence,

She joined the Morning News in July 2013 from Nokia where, for more than a decade, Purcell led the customer care, online sales, reverse logistics and marketing teams for North America. While at Nokia, she was able to grow online sales revenue 121 percent and make it one of top five most socially devoted brands on Twitter. Additionally, as part of the North American Leadership Team and an officer in the company, she provided direction to Nokia’s holistic strategy, which included product ranging and distribution channels. Moreover, Purcell developed the online sales plan for Nokia’s direct channel,, and indirect partners, such as Amazon and Dell, as well as national distributors for all Nokia products and services.

Prior to Nokia, Purcell was Group Account Head and Business Development lead for Firehouse, Inc., a promotional marketing agency. She was also a global brand marketer for Nortel Networks in the online marketing organization and served as the public relations account manager for The Container Store. This experience helps Purcell set the course for The Dallas Morning News’ digital presence and future growth. Under her leadership, Purcell will help lead the brand’s progressive strategy and accelerated speed at which the organization is now moving to acquire more consumers and retain the ones it has. 

Purcell received her Bachelor’s degree from the University of Texas at Austin and completed graduate certificates from Harvard Business School, the Cox School of Business at Southern Methodist University and is currently a fellow in the Sulzberger program at Columbia University. She lives in Dallas with her husband and three sons.

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iMedia Agency Summit

The Future of Data-Driven Creativity