Dan is a marketers, marketer. Dan has been in the media/marketing space for 20 years. He began his career on the agency-side and quickly transitioned over to the digital side. Dan was able to use the skills he acquired on the agency side to become a site manager for a digital media representation firm. This experience peaked his interest in the Digital Sales/Marketing side of the business. After many years in this field he wanted to learn more about the verification side of the business. That brought him to his current position with BPA Worldwide. BPA Worldwide is a media auditing firm with 80+ years of experience.

Dan is currently VP, Technology Assurance division. Dan has been tasked to help develop this line of business for the company. The Technology Assurance division (www.bpa-icompli.com) works with companies to provide them with Independent Verification for the various digital industry (IAB, TAG, EDAA, JICWEBS, DOOH) rules and regulations.

Summits Attended

iMedia Agency Summit

The Future of Data-Driven Creativity