Olga Patel is currently creating the future of play at Mattel, Inc. by leading the external open innovation function. Patel's objectives are to foster both incremental and disruptive innovation across Mattel's business divisions by discovering ways to establish connections with external sources of technologies, ideas, and business models. Prior to playing at Mattel, Patel was at P&G, Nestlé, and Mars, Inc.

In her spare time, Patel enjoys learning new things. At the present time, her interest is designing furniture. Patel holds an M.S. in quantitative analysis from Northeastern University and an MBA degree from Suffolk University.

Summits Attended

iMedia Breakthrough Summit

Navigating Content & Creativity in a Programmatic World

iMedia Breakthrough Summit

Breakthrough: The Next Wave of Marketing

iMedia Commerce Summit

The Future of Shopping

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Creating your unique future

| Olga Patel

It's not enough to be content with the status quo. Find out why you should focus on what's ahead and what your company should bring to the marketing table.

Olga Patel

| Olga Patel

Olga Patel is creating the future of play at Mattel Inc. She leads the company's external open innovation function, the objective of which is to foster both incremental and...