Robert John Davis is a veteran digital executive with a 20-year track record of bringing interactive strategies to market for consumer, business, and media brands. Best known for his expertise in video and content marketing, Davis is an innovator in large-scale content development.

Davis serves as executive director of content at OgilvyOne in New York, where he leads the content marketing practice – digital strategists and thought leaders developing content-oriented strategies, governance, and ecosystems. His work has earned Cannes Lions, Effies, and Echo awards of various metallic shades. Recent work includes IBM's "A Boy and His Atom." Davis' global client list includes IBM, DuPont, PAREXEL, UPS, Nestlé, FM Global, Siemens, SAP, and AMEX.


Davis' career began in the early 1990s running the content and creative side of pioneering ISP/news start-up IN Jersey (later sold to Gannett). Davis joined MTV as executive producer of convergence in the late '90s and launched the 1999 hit webRIOT, pioneering two-screen iTV (social TV). He later debuted iTV shows on NBC, TBS, History Channel, and GSN with start-up Spiderdance. More recently as VP of digital at Rainbow Media, Davis revitalized the interactive businesses of the AMC, IFC, and WE television networks, transitioning them from static websites to dynamic content, commerce, and advertising experiences.


Davis earned his B.A. at the University of Scranton and his M.S. in TV/radio/film from the Newhouse School at Syracuse University, and was later inducted into the school's alumni "wall of fame."


Summits Attended

iMedia Commerce Summit

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