Igor Bekker is an accomplished, talented, and visionary leader supported by wide range of expertise in digital marketing, ecommerce operations, and technology merging to drive measurable, sustainable, and profitable results for both established and start-up corporations, including global enterprises. Bekker is currently using his extensive experience to manage major global projects, complex ecommerce projects/development, technical innovation, product distribution, and consumer marketing. 

He has exceptional skills in alliance-building and branding campaigns that contribute to profitability, brand recognition, increased sales, enhanced ROI, and market penetration. Bekker has an entrepreneurial spirit, with proven ability to uncover and seize major opportunities, including major licensing agreements and subsequent promotions. 

Bekker is skilled in identifying profitable niches, creative marketing, and consumer-driven programs by utilizing marketing research data and knowledge of brand management, product distribution, and SEO and SEM skills to improve site rankings and overall revenues. He possesses a sophisticated understanding of marketing and product promotion initiatives that enables successful product positioning, competitive market advantage, and industry dominance. He consistently capitalizes on his ability to anticipate both market and consumer trends before executing viable strategies. 

Bekker has a combined background in technology, with demonstrated business leadership and analytical strengths, employed in effectively creating creative solutions to deliver strong P&L results. He holds an MBA in finance.

Summits Attended

iMedia Commerce Summit

The Future of Shopping